There's no doubt that the Doctorate or Ph.D. is the most distinguished degree you can get, and with good reason.

With 4-6 years of additional study after you get your Master's Degree, a book-length thesis, and a lengthy stint in front of a panel of colleagues to defend your dissertation, getting a Ph.D. is no easy task. But there's nothing like having the coveted title of "Dr." in front of your name, and the knowledge that you've achieved something truly magnificent.

If you're interested in getting your Ph.D online then you've come to the right place. Our site is dedicated solely to educating you about online phd programs. We'll detail each field of study, and list the perks and drawbacks of each doctoral degree.

What is a Ph.D.?

A Ph.D. (also called a doctorate degree) is the highest level of academic achievement that you can attain. Once you have a Ph.D., you're eligible to teach at the university level.

Attaining a Ph.D. is, like we said above, no easy task. The process is generally divided into three stages.

In the first stage of the Ph.D. process, you will take advanced coursework in your chosen field. This will usually take between one and three years, depending on the degree. In some fields you will also be required to teach some undergraduate courses.

The next stage of the process involves writing a dissertation. This is a book-length report that defends your thesis on some area in your chosen field. The dissertation may take a year or more to write, and be anywhere from 100-450 pages or more.

The last stage is perhaps the most nerve-wracking. You, the doctoral candidate, must defend your dissertation in front of a panel of colleagues. You also might be given an oral examination on your field of study as well.

Once you've received a "pass" on your thesis, however, the honor of having a doctorate degree is yours!

Advantages to enrolling in an online Ph.D. program

More and more students are choosing to get to their online doctorate degree. There are many advantages to getting your degree online:

  • Saves Time - Instead of driving back and forth to class several times a week, you learn from the comfort of your own home. Headaches like traffic and parking become things of the past when you get your online phd degree.
  • Flexible Scheduling - Getting an online doctoral degree means that you get to pick your own schedule. If you're working or have a family (or both!) then having a flexible schedule is often vital to your success.
  • Saves Money - In the spirit of full disclosure, we must tell you that getting a doctorate degree is not cheap. There's a good reason why so few people have one! But, getting a Ph.D. is making an investment in yourself. On average, people with doctorate degrees make almost $40,000 or more each year than those with a Bachelor's degree. While some online doctoral programs rival major universities in terms of price, others are less expensive. Plus, you'll save big bucks when you don't have to use gas to get back and forth to campus!

Disadvantages to enrolling in an online Ph.D. program

Like everything in life, there is a downside to getting your Ph.D. online. Knowing the good and the bad is essential for making the best decision, however. So, here goes:

  • Finding a Reputable Program - Because doctoral degrees are so coveted, it's absolutely essential that you sign up with an accredited, high-class school with a solid program. There are several phony schools out there that offer online phd programs, and they've hoodwinked some of the best of us. Research into your school of choice is vital. Can you imagine how devastating it would be to get halfway done and realize that it's all been for nothing because your "school" went bust? Yikes. So, research, research, research before you sign up with anyone.
  • You Must Be Motivated - Yes, learning from home is great. But when you get your phd degree online, there will be no stern professor looking over your shoulder making sure you've got your work done. You MUST be very self-motivated to get your degree online.

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