25 Q&A Sites for PhD Program Information and Requirements

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Do you really want to go further into debt with a PhD program under your belt? Or, are you concerned about whether or not you’ll be accepted into the doctoral program of your dreams? The following 25 Q&A pages, blogs and websites may calm your fears and help you move forward in your education. They offer general information about PhD programs, requirements, course information and more. You can also find information regarding specific PhD programs as well as fellowship and scholarship opportunities available.

General PhD Questions

Doctoral Degree

  1. Did the PhD Kill the Masters Degree? Not a typical FAQ or Q&A site, this article still may answer your questions about whether or not to pursue a PhD after you obtain your master’s degree.
  2. Frequently Asked Questions About Pursuing a PhD: The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association provides answers to questions about obtaining a PhD. These questions do not focus on clinical doctoral programs.
  3. Master’s vs. PhD Programs: The Princeton Review provides answers to questions about the differences between a master’s degree and PhD programs.
  4. New Doctoral-Program Rankings: Frequently Asked Questions: The Chronicle of Higher Education provides answers to questions about the National Research Council’s data on 5,000 doctoral programs in 62 academic fields at 212 universities.
  5. PhDs explained & FAQs: Find a PhD offers a simple FAQ page that answers questions about program lengths, costs, qualifications and other issues. They also include links to further pursue information about certain questions. This is a UK site, so be aware that not all answers fit a US program.
  6. Questions and Answers About Funding U.S. Study: This Iranian Web site answers questions bout doctoral study in the U.S. and about funding that study.
  7. Questions and Answers: Pursuing an MD-PhD: The Clinical and Translational Science Network (CTSciNet) offers questions and answers about pursuing graduate or doctoral programs. The answers were supplied by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), so the answers may not fit your criteria.
  8. Questions To Ask When Thinking About Pursuing a PhD: This site contains forty-one questions that you should ask before you select a doctoral program. In some cases, the question is followed by some elaboration or additional questions. You can also link to advice from currently enrolled doctoral students.
  9. What’s the difference between MD/PhD programs and MST Programs? Though many MST Programs refer to themselves as MD/PhD programs, only programs receiving funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) can call themselves MST Programs or Medical Scientist Training Programs (MSTP). Learn more at this link.

Blogs and Websites


  1. Dissertation Coaching Tips Blog: If you’re already enrolled in a PhD program, this site can help answer your questions about how to finish your dissertation.
  2. GetBschooled Blog: This link leads to questions and answers about attending business school at the PhD level.
  3. Postdoctoral Fellowship: This site is filled with questions and answers on how to take that PhD to the next level, with internships that can lead to stellar careers.
  4. Unraveling the Mystery of Economics PhD Admission: This blog is focused on an economic PhD program, and answers every question you can think to ask about admission in top universities.

Fellowship and Scholarship Answers

  1. Career Training Fellowships: The CDC answers questions about a variety of career training fellowships for persons who have, or will soon have, a college or other graduate or health professional degree. The table includes all degrees, including doctoral programs.
  2. FAQ for Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship: Get answers to frequently asked questions about the Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship.
  3. Google European Doctoral Fellowship Programme: The “Google European Doctoral Fellowship Programme” was created to support outstanding Doctoral students doing exceptional research in Computer Science or closely related areas. Fellowships are available to PhD applicants or students at any stage of their research at universities chosen by Google.
  4. IBM PhD Fellowship Awards: The IBM PhD Fellowship Awards Program is an intensely competitive worldwide program, which honors exceptional PhD students who have an interest in solving problems that are important to IBM.
  5. International Scholarships for PhD Program 2011: This article might answer your questions about scholarships available for PhD programs from all available sources.

Other PhD Resources

  1. Accounting Doctoral Scholars: This site, specifically for accounting degrees, answers questions such as why a person should pursue a higher degree and how this degree might differ from other doctoral degrees.
  2. The PhD

  3. Bridges Programs Answers to Frequently Asked Questions: Questions and answers to the National Institute of General Medical Sciences’ Bridges to the Doctorate program. Although this is an organizational program, it helps to know these programs are available — ask your school to apply.
  4. Culinary Arts Doctorate Degrees: Learn more about culinary degrees at the doctoral level from this page at Gateway Gourmet. Advanced education in this field is still something of a rarity.
  5. FAQ About the Entry-Level Master’s and Doctoral Degrees for Occupational Therapist: The American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc. offers questions and answers about pursuing a doctoral degree in occupational therapy. The answers are specific, and offer an exact way to work through this degree to the best of your ability.
  6. NIH MD/PhD Partnership Training Program FAQs [PDF]: This document contains answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the NIH (National Institutes of Health) Intramural MD/PhD Partnership Program.
  7. On Getting a PhD Degree in the Life Sciences: Although not a typical Q&A format, this article might answer many of your questions about obtaining a doctorate in the life sciences.
  8. PA Doctoral Degree Resources: Since the U.S. Army and Baylor University announced in Nov. 2007 the first-ever PA-specific clinical doctorate degree program, ADVANCE for NPs & PAs has been the leading source for information about PA-specific doctorate degrees and their possible impact on the profession. Learn more about those options at this link.