Educational Technology PHD Online Degree Programs

If you’re considering getting your online phd and you already have a master’s degree in education, you might want to consider getting your phd in educational technology.

What Is Educational Technology?

It doesn’t take much to realize that our world is changing almost faster than we can keep up.  If we want our children to have the tools and learning capabilities they need to lead this ever-changing world, then they have to get acquainted with technology at an early age.  This is where educational technology comes in.

Educational technology seeks to improve learning performance by using the latest technology to help students succeed.  This could involve making sure students have the latest computers, to setting up distance learning programs for large universities.  It’s a relatively new field, but one that’s becoming increasingly important in our society.

There are several benefits to educational technology.  The biggest is probably online learning.  More and more students are seeking online learning programs, and schools that have established degree programs have a distinct edge over their competition.  Professionals with an educational technology phd would be responsible for setting up and maintaining a school’s online degree program, and ensuring that learning is easy and effective for students.

Online and technology-based learning is also more popular with students because computers give instant feedback.  Students usually learn more in less time, and learning overall is more positive and efficient.

What You’ll Learn In Your Educational Technology Doctorate Degree Program

Getting a phd in educational technology means that you’ll be learning about a wide variety of subjects.  Courses in an educational technology phd program can include:

  • Theories of Organizational and Social Systems
  • Principals of Distance Education
  • Leading and Managing Distance Education
  • Designing Instruction for Distance Education
  • Learning Theory in Educational Technology
  • Emerging and Future Technology
  • Production of Instructional Media
  • Interactive Video and MultiMedia
  • Introduction to Human Performance Technology

Careers With A PhD In Educational Technology

Many graduates with a phd in educational technology work in K-12 schools, helping design and implement technological based learning programs.  They develop learning programs that help students learn emerging technology, as well as create whole classes that are entirely computer-based.  They also coach parents, teachers, and school administrators on new technology, as well as educating them on why it’s important to continually fund new projects.

In the spirit of full disclosure, we must point out that there has been some criticism about educational technology.  Many parents and other scientists feel that excess time at computers is damaging to children, and many long-term risks have yet to be seen.

Because there has been such in increase in the use of technology, especially in the last ten years, many feel that children are getting less exercise, less human-to-human contact with both parents and teachers, and less time outdoors experiencing nature.  As schools cut more and more of these areas to fund technologically based programs, some experts feel that there are significant risks to the newer generations.  But, none of this has been proven.

Although it may sound like most people with an educational technology phd work in a school setting, it’s not true.  There are several career options that you can pursue with a doctorate degree in educational technology.

For example, you could work on your own as an educational consultant, offering your expertise to other schools on a temporary basis.  This is a highly lucrative option that many graduates are interested in.  You’d make your own hours, and set your own rates (based upon what the market will bear, of course).

Another option you have with an educational technology phd is working with software development companies, helping them design educational programs for students.  Local, state, and national governments are also a somewhat surprising employer for educational technology phd graduates.

And, with a doctoral degree in educational technology you always have the option to teach or do research in higher education, which is a path that many graduates choose to follow.

It’s difficult to say just how much you can earn with this degree, mostly because your career options are so wide open.  But, you can bet that educational technology phd graduates are not hurting for money; whether they’re working for school systems, private enterprise, or even the government.