Project Management PHD Online Degree Programs

If you’ve been searching for your online doctoral degree and you have a background in business or Information Technology, then you might want to think about getting your phd in project management.

Why Get A Project Management PhD Degree Online?

The reason why getting a project management degree is such a great idea is because businesses are increasingly relying on people with leadership abilities to complete large projects involving several teams of people.  Projects are how large-scale changes get done; they’re how innovation happens, and how new marketing strategies are created.

But, projects must involve an organized approach.  Without a project leader, then any team can dissolve and become ineffective.  Costs can soar, delivery times can get pushed back repeatedly, or the project can fail altogether.

With a phd in project management you’ll be able to offer businesses the skills to manage large-scale projects, communicate with a diverse group of people, and ensure that everyone is working together harmoniously and productively.

The best project managers are extremely organized, have great communication skills, and are adept at multi-tasking in order to meet tight deadlines or budget constraints.

What You’ll Learn With A PhD in Project Management

There’s no doubt that getting your phd in project management is definitely a business-focused endeavor.  Most programs are going to prepare you for a career in the private sector, and the classes you’ll be taking prove that.

Here is a sample of some of the classes you might see when getting your phd in project management:

  • Managing and Organizing People
  • Marketing Strategy and Practice
  • Principals of Organization Theory and Practice
  • Ethics and Social Responsibility in Management
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Advances in Project Planning
  • Project Executing Techniques
  • Accounting and Financial Management

It’s important to realize that some schools focus their phd in project management degree program solely on the information technology field.  The reason is because in IT, projects rule.  No company can exist without an IT department anymore, and the goal of IT is to improve the efficiency of an organization.  This can’t be done without projects and clear goals, which is why so many project managers work in IT.

Make sure the school of your choice is going to offer you the options you’re most interested in.

Careers With A PhD In Project Management

Because project management positions are increasingly becoming vital components to corporations, chances are high that you shouldn’t have too hard a time finding a great job in this field.  And, now that you have your phd in project management, you’ll definitely stand out from the other applicants.

The great news is that practically every industry needs project managers.  Here are a few options you can consider:

  • Construction Project Management
  • IT Project Management
  • Retail Project Management
  • Food and Beverage Project Management
  • Art and Design Project Management

Your salary with a project management phd is largely going to depend on the industry you’re working in.  But, you can probably count on making around $65,000 to $88,000 or more, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

If you’re not interested in working in the private sector, there are still plenty of opportunities available for you.  Many people with a phd in project management end up opening their own consulting business.  This can be a great option because it allows you to work with several different clients, set your own hours, and set your own rates. estimates that the majority of project management consultants earn around $86,000 per year.  But, the longer you’re in business and the more clients you have, the more you’re going to make.

Also, getting your phd in project management means that you’re qualified to teach at the university level.  This can be an appealing route: the salary is great, the benefits are great, and the hours are great.  In short, it’s great.

Also, teaching is much less stressful than working in the private sector as a project manager.  But, there are far fewer openings at the university level, so competition is pretty stiff.

Other Options

If getting a project management phd degree doesn’t sound that exciting to you, there are other specialties you could consider.  Check out these other, closely related degrees:

  • PhD in IT – Project Management
  • PhD in Org and Mgmt – Project Management
  • PhD in Leadership