50 Free Android Apps that Will Make You Smarter & More Productive

22 Nov, 2010  |  Written by  |  under Android, Phone Apps

Google’s Android operating system has become one of the industry leaders in smart phone technology, with users able to customize their phones to perform tasks far beyond the usual calls, text messages and photos. This ability comes courtesy of applications that specialize in a plethora of different areas, many of them available entirely for free as a kind gesture on the part of the developers. Students and professionals searching for ways to streamline their lives and keep their minds strong and healthy do not have to spend anything to accomplish these goals. The following lists a few different options to consider that help make everything go that much smoother without sacrificing brain cells to the atrophy gods.


  1. Enjoy Sudoku Daily

    These extremely popular number puzzles keep the mind stimulated and makes for an excellent way to pass the time on the train or bus.

  2. Microsoft Tag

    Turn an Android into a valuable tool for dredging up deals and other useful tidbits of consumer information by scanning tags of all types.

  3. Mancala

    Developer Dan Barnett created a free Android application for fans of the deceptively simple yet stimulating board game that requires plenty of logic and strategy.

  4. Password Keeper

    A useful application that allows users to store their various user names and passwords in a personal, secure database for painless retrieval.

  5. Android Checkers

    Play the classic strategy game on the Android, turning any downtime into a brain-building exercise.

  6. UltraChron Stopwatch Lite

    Athletes or professionals in need of an excellent stopwatch boasting numerous useful features would do well to download this free application for their Androids.

  7. AK Notepad

    Perfect for scribbling down and sharing lists and notes, the easy-to-use AK Notepad makes for a productive addition to any Android.

  8. Reversi for Android

    Fans of strategy games looking for something different from the usual chess and checkers may enjoy playing Reversi to pass their time in a stimulating manner.

  9. Mileage

    Keep track of a vehicle’s mileage history with Evan Charlton’s comprehensive Android application, which makes it easier to look at a car’s health and the expenditures required to maintain it.

  10. AddressBook for Android

    Hailed by the New York Times, AddressBook condenses a number of different social networking sites into 1 handy way of getting in touch with anyone as quickly as possible.

  11. WikiMobile Encyclopedia

    Carry around over 2 million Wikipedia articles for both easy reference and educational reading material that passes time in a productive and intellectual manner.

  12. Scientific Calculator

    Students, mathematicians, engineers and – of course – scientists can all benefit from keeping such an advanced calculator on hand to solve any of the challenges that stand in their way.

  13. WordSearch Unlimited Free

    Word searches remain one of the simplest, most effective ways to keep the brain occupied and bolster intelligence at the same time. Carry around a few on the Android as a worthwhile activity for downtime.

  14. Android Agenda Widget

    This calendar widget does not allow for any unreasonable excuses when it comes to wavering productivity or forgetting deadlines and appointments.

  15. Spirit Level Plus

    Anyone who works with their hands need not spend precious time searching for a spirit level. Instead, they can calibrate their Androids to let them know if a project remains well-balanced or not.

  16. Dictionary.com

    Build vocabulary and save time straining the brain for the right words by downloading Dictionary.com’s (and Thesaurus.com’s!) excellent application.

  17. Spin Cube Lite

    The Rubik Cube, one of the world’s most famous puzzles, receives a digital makeover and provides some great mental challenges for Android users.

  18. No Signal Alert

    Be aware of areas with poor cellular reception by using No Signal Alert, which lets users know of times and particular regions that may cause them to miss important calls.

  19. Gas Finder

    Cut down on drive time frustrations with this handy application that pops up all the nearest gas stations and which ones offer the best deals.

  20. Brainwave Tuner Lite

    Handango Championship Award-winning Brainwave Tuner Light provides 16 free sound waves intended to influence different parts of the brain to do different things – including several relating directly to productivity and intelligence.

  21. Linda File Manager

    As its name implies, the Linda File Manager manages files. Increase productivity by organizing and editing the various items stored on the Android directly from 1 application.

  22. Google Translate

    Businesspeople who must work with international affiliates or clients now have an Android tool available to assist them in navigating any language barriers that pop up along the way.

  23. Chess for Android

    Face down the challenges of the widely popular, ancient strategy game in order to keep the brain whirring away during down time.

  24. Diet & Food Tracker

    SparkPeople.com’s free nutrition application helps Android users seize control of their diets and stay productive and healthy.

  25. Job Search

    Browse Indeed.com’s extensive job listings in any wi-fi connected area using its useful Job Search application.

  26. Receipt Filer Lite

    Clear up wallet clutter by photographing and organizing receipts into Receipt Filer Lite, an extremely valuable resource for personal finances.

  27. SAT Vocabulary

    One does not have to be studying for the SAT to benefit from the vocabulary-building exercises contained in this intelligence-boosting tool.

  28. Brain Genius Deluxe

    Pop open Brain Genius Deluxe to play some great games specifically programmed to offer up smart challenges that build mental skills.

  29. Wifi Analyzer

    Check the strength and availability of nearby wi-fi providers to free up more time for truly important tasks.

  30. Aloqa

    Program Aloqa with different preferences and let it find all the relevant local businesses in the vicinity to speed up the process of figuring out where to eat and what to do – another time-saving device for the perpetually crunched.

  31. Vitamins & Minerals

    Both intelligence-building and productive, Michael Quach’s Vitamins & Minerals application provides a great resource on keeping diets healthy and nutritious.

  32. Skype Mobile

    Perfect for holding meetings within the United States, Skype Mobile provides unlimited calls between users taking advantage of its calling and instant messaging services.

  33. CNBC

    Investors can track their stocks by checking their Android for free updates on some highs and lows of their finances.

  34. Dropbox

    Sync up an Android with other enabled personal computing devices and never miss an important document again thanks to Dropbox and its amazing file retrieval system.

  35. Speed Anatomy

    Build familiarity with the ins and outs of the human body using Speed Anatomy, a neat, free application that intelligently and productively occupies spare time.

  36. United States Constitution

    Civic awareness and activism is one way to build intelligence and use free time productively, and becoming familiar with the rights granted by the Constitution of the United States is one way to get started.

  37. Percent Calculator

    Fore-go the regular calculator and save time by heading straight for this little application that specializes entirely in processing percentages.

  38. Smart Financial Calculator

    Stay on top of personal finances with this handy little calculator, which emphasizes 9 different, important areas of a user’s monetary holdings.

  39. Crossword Lite

    Crosswords have been known to stave off the negative effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s by keeping the brain strong and healthy.

  40. First Aid

    No matter one’s lot in life, First Aid makes for an exceedingly beneficial and skill set to occupy brain space.

  41. Aldiko Book Reader

    Reading is an intelligent and productive activity, and Alkido Book Reader brings thousands of literary works directly to the Android – most of them completely gratis!

  42. Necktie Knot

    It may seem a bit esoteric, but anyone who has ever struggled with properly affixing his or her tie before an urgent meeting or event will understand why this application falls squarely into the realm of productive.

  43. PrinterShare Droid Print

    Print the most popular file types out there directly to almost anywhere equipped with a wi-fi connection.

  44. AndroZip File Manager

    Streamline the process of downloading and extracting compressed files by downloading this productive management application.

  45. Memory Trainer

    Pass the time by engaging in fun, intelligent and productive memory games to maintain healthy brain functionality.

  46. Slide Puzzle

    Slide puzzles sporting a number of different subjects nurture logic and problem-solving skills in users who enjoy fiddling around with them.

  47. Cardio Trainer

    When cardio workouts need to come peppered with more motivation and visual aids for recording various goals and milestones, this application can be a runner or biker’s best friend.

  48. Personal Assistant

    With 10 different elements of one’s hectic life to choose from – including bills, frequent flier miles and investments – the Personal Assistant makes for a necessary free download for any harried Android user.

  49. Currency Converter

    Synced with Yahoo for up-to-the-minute currency exchanges, this application comes in handy for international businesspeople and travelers.

  50. Thinking Space

    Let ideas and creativity flow by taking advantage of Thinking Space’s mind mapping technology, which encourages users to track their thought processes from start to finish.

  51. Downloading these applications – and any other interesting ones that may crop up along the way – simplifies life without promoting mental laziness. They organize and streamline or teach and stimulate Android users in a way that improves life rather than facilitates chaos and disorder, standing as one of the most positive aspects of swelling smart phone technologies.